Stirrings Magazine

When you release your second album after walking away with pair of Radio 2 Folk Awards (Best Emerging Artist and Musician of the Year), there’s quite a bit of weight resting on what you’ve done. But the quintet made of up musicians from across the Celtic nations waste no time in making their mark, with two frantic sets to establish their virtuosity, so in your face and breathless they feel like a remarkable sonic assault in a good way. They take their foot off the accelerator after that, and let gentler melodies rule for a while, beautiful and flowing, with some glorious arrangements and interplay between the musicians.

While everyone is outstanding, a special tip of the hat to bodhran player Adam Brown for the storm of rhythm that underpins the Rambling… set. While most of the material is self-penned, marking them as excellent composers as well as performers, there is a touch of tradition at the end, the Irish reels under the collective title of Trip To Novi Sad, just to show they can interpret with feeling, too—and add a delicious fast flourish to the finale to show they haven’t run out of energy. It certainly the kind of album to make you feel you’ve been in the presence of huge talent, right down to the wonderful cover art. Avalanche is an apt name for this. But being overwhelmed by it—and you will be is no bad thing at all.

Chris Nickson